The Eaglestons, who are part of the Ortho funding group’s team, have been in the insurance business for over 40 years. Jerry Eagleston has specialized in disability and debt consolidation since 1965 prides his practice on an attitude of “service first and the business will follow.” He and his son Robert both graduated from Brigham Young University and are members of the Million Dollar Round Table. As an insurance agent licensed in all 50 states, Jerry is determined to finding out what the exposures are for any medical practitioner.
“I spend 80 percent of my time talking with people, answering questions and finding out what their exposures are,” he explains, referring to his Hopes And Dreams Roadmap, which has become one of the hallmarks of the Eagleston Group. “Most of the doctors we work with are looking for job specific definitions for disability and specialty specific cases,” he adds, citing that long term care is another specialty of the firm.
“If it’s by the numbers, we’ve never lost a case in 40 years,” Jerry adds. By aligning yourself with the Ortho Funding Group, you’ll reap the Eagleston’s Group’s expertise at your fingertips and be one step closer to achieving your financial goals. And ultimately, that means you’ll be able to focus your time on something even more important: your patients.

Insurance Product List

Disability Income Insurance

• Up to $50,000/month benefit with benefits for life
• Non-Cancelable/Guaranteed Renewable
• "True" Own Occupation Definition for life
• Inflation Protection - 3 or 6% annual max, compound interest w/ no cap
• Residual Disability – benefit paid if partially disabled (total disability not required)
• Future Purchase Option
• Tax-free benefit

Business Overhead Expense

• Over $50,000/month benefit available to cover overhead expenses if disabled
• Non-Cancelable/ Guaranteed Renewable
• Residual Disability – benefit paid if partially disabled (total disability not required)
• Future Purchase Option
• Premium is tax-deductible and benefit is received tax-free

Retirement Plan Contributions Covered by Disability Insurance

• Up to a $3,550/month contribution to a retirement plan if disabled
• Non-Cancelable/ Guaranteed Renewable
• Benefit periods to age 65 and 67
• Inflation Protection – same as Disability Income Insurance

Long Term Care

• 100% coverage for Nursing Home, Home Health Care and Assisted Living Facilities
• Inflation Protection – Annual benefit increase of 5% compound interest from year one
• 10-Pay – The ability to pay the policy up in 10 years
• Indemnity coverage – Full daily benefit is paid even if actual cost incurred is less
• Spousal/Partner discount on joint policies
• Lifetime benefits available
• Tax-deductible and benefits are received tax-free

Individual Life Insurance

• Access to all companies
• Term
• "Blended"
• Whole Life

Critical Illness Insurance

• Lump Sum payable upon diagnosis of a critical illness or occurrence
• Premiums returned upon death, minus claims paid

Other Services

• Individual Policy Analysis
• Hopes and Dreams Roadmap (an analysis identifying insurance and retirement needs)
• Claims Assistance
• One Medical Exam – the ability to use one exam for multiple companies/insurance type

Insurance Application: Download here.

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